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For information about smart meters in the Ann Arbor area and Michigan, please go to It replaces this site for information about smart meters.
IMPORTANT: DTE has begun enforcing its opt-out program. The opt-out meter DTE offers will cause nearly as much harm to your health as the smart meter. This is because the switched mode power supply used to run these meters generates dirty electricity, a spiky, pulsed electrical current that damages cells in the same way that the radiofrequency from smart meters does. Please go to   to learn what you can do.  You can also email the Smart Meter Education Network at or call us at 734-972-2677.  To learn more about why the opt-out meter is bad for your health, go to  Citizens are banding together to stand up to DTE by locking their meters and writing letters. If you stand with us, we can win this fight!  The Smart Meter Education Network is working with other smart meter groups to get legislation passed that would allow people to keep their analog meters. In addition, we are filing an appeal of the MPSC decision that permits DTE to install their death meters on your home and business.

National Rally, October 4, 2012 – One Energy Plaza, Detroit, MI

Stop DTE’s Forced Mandate
To Invade YOUR Home and Privacy !!
Say NO to Smart Meters !!

National Rally October 4, 2012 12 noon till 2 PM
DTE, One Energy Plaza, Detroit Michigan 48226

Come Join Us and let your voices be heard !!

DTE’s Mandated “NEW” Radio Frequency controlled two way communication, Data Collecting device called a Smart Meter has the potential to;

  • Destroy Your Constitutional 4th Amendment Right to “Reasonable Expectation of Privacy” says the CRS, Congressional Research Service of Congress May 3, 2012
  • Potentially harm each and every member of your House Hold with RF from the Smart Meters and Smart Chipped Appliances!
  • DTE admits to Potential Harm of RF; DTE, The Michigan Public Service Commission case U 17000, file 146, attachment (3),”There is, however, scientific consensus that for certain RF signal strengths there could be negative health effects.”

How Much Radio Frequency radiation is TOO MUCH!

Fight Back ! Demand to be Represented and Your Rights Protected!

File a complaint – with DTE (800-477-4747)
The Michigan Public Service Commission (517-241-3323) Case U-17053 at
and the Michigan Attorney General ( and call at 517-373-1110.

For more information on Smart Meters, See And
Contact John and Pauline Holeton at (586) 731-3314 for assistance!

Click here to print: SmartMeterRallyFlyerOct4_2012!

Comment by Monday, September 3 – Your Last Chance on DTEs Unfair Proposed Smart-Meter Opt-Out Plan

This is your last chance to comment on DTE’s unfair proposed smart meter opt-out plan.

This really matters! Please comment—for yourself, for your friends, for those whose health is affected.

All comments must be submitted by Labor Day, Monday, September 3, 2012. 

Instructions on filing can be found below.

It is very important that EVERYONE comment, whether in writing or orally or both..

A sample opt-out commentary letter and opt-out points are attached

to this email to make it easy for you to comment. The first attachment is

a list of opt-out points and instructions on what to say in the letter. The second attachment is the sample letter.

Please forward this to all your friends. Even if they don’t want to opt out, they

can support those who do.

September 10th is the preliminary opt-out hearing and your only chance to speak publicly

 in opposition unless you choose to become an intervenor. Intervenors must sign up by September 3 (see below).

The third attachment is DTE’s opt-out proposal. Under DTE’s proposal, each individual

would be charged $87 to opt out and incur a monthly $15 fee. This fee is unnecessary

and high, especially since customers are legally allowed to read their own meters.

The attached opt-out points will give you information on why this opt-out is unfair and

how it can be changed.

The final attachment is the notice of hearing. This gives you details on where the hearing

is, how to file, etc. Most of that information is copied below in this letter.

To see what comments have been submitted so far, go to

For updates, go to,,

Here is the info on filing commments, speaking, and intervening:

·         To File:   Once you have written your letter: Submit it electronically through the Commission’s E-Dockets website or by email. E-dockett: Requirements and instructions for filing can be found in the User Manual on the E-Dockets help page. Documents may also be submitted, in Word or PDF format, as an attachment to an email sent to: If you require assistance prior to e-filing, contact Commission staff at (517) 241-6180 or by email at: HOWEVER, DO NOT EXPECT TO BE RESPONDED TO QUICKLY OR ACCURATELY. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, EMAIL SMARTMETEREDUCATIONNETWORK@GMAIL.COM

·         Speaking at the September 10 Hearing:  Any person wishing to make a statement of position without becoming a party to the case may participate by filing an appearance. To file an appearance, the individual must attend the hearing and advise the presiding administrative law judge of his/her wish to make a statement of position. All information submitted to the Commission in this matter will become public information: available on the Michigan Public Service Commission’s website, and subject to disclosure.   The hearing will be held

·         September 10, 2012, at 2:00 p.m. at  Constitution Hall, 525 West Allegan, Lansing, Michigan

·         Becoming an Intervenor:  Any person wishing to intervene and become a party to the case shall electronically file a petition to intervene with this Commission by September 3, 2012. (Interested persons may elect to file using the traditional paper format.) You must file a proof of service on DTE. The proof of service shall indicate service upon Detroit Edison’s attorney, Michael J. Solo, Jr., One Energy Plaza, Detroit, Michigan 48226.


Smart Meter Education Network

How to Prevent Smart Meter Installation by a Utility Company

Use this information to help you stop smart meter installation….

The only way to stop the utility company from installing smart meter is to physically protect your meters. Sometimes people receive a notice from the utility saying that a meter will be installed sometime in the next few weeks. They won’t tell you the day. It could happen the day after you receive the notice. Most meters are installed when people are not home. Even if you are home, the installer will not knock on your door, so unless you see them, you won’t know it’s happening. Installation seems to occur somewhat randomly: they install in part of a neighborhood, then come back a few weeks later and do more installations.

Does Telling the Utility Company You Don’t Want the Meter Work?

Some people have reported that when they ask the installer not to install, their request is granted. Please be aware, they will come back at a later date and install the meter. They will not forewarn you. They are accepting people’s “no” for the time being because they have encountered so much opposition. However, there is no opt-out option and it is extremely unlikely there will be one. This means that they will install, it will just occur at a later date, and at a time unknown to you. So unless you protect your meter, a meter will be installed, whether now or in the future. In the unlikely even an opt-out is granted, it will still require installation of a new meter that will put out just as much dirty electricity inside your house; the only difference is no wireless portion.

Immediate Best Method to Prevent Installation

Locking your meter is the immediate best method to prevent installation. HOWEVER, this will only slow the utility company down. Below are directions and pictures for how to lock your meter. Lock your meter as soon as you procure a lock and chain, in the next day or two. Then, when you have time in the next month or two, you will want to take the next step to prevent installation. See page 3 for how to do this.

Electric meters and gas meters are locked differently.

How to Lock Your Electric Meter

1. Your electric meter is housed in a box on the outside of your house. There will be a loop at the bottom. See pic 1. This loop should go through a little slit. You will put the lock through the loop. Make sure that the loop is through the slit or the box can be opened.
2. Buy a lock with a key at your local hardware store, at a home improvement store, or somewhere like K-Mart. Buy one lock for you electric meter and one for your gas meter.
3. The best lock to buy is one with a shielded shackle but any lock that is strong will do as long as it has a key. Travel locks are easy to cut, so get a stronger lock than that. Your hardware store clerk can help you find the right lock.
4. I suggest that you also buy some nuts that will fit over the lock’s loop. This will make it harder for anyone to access the loop and also harder to cut the lock itself. See pictures 2 and 3.
5. Put the lock through the loop of your electric box. If you have nuts, put a few on the back of the lock’s loop befor you put the lock on. Then, once you put the lock through the loop, put some nuts on the front of the loop. Close the lock. See pic 3 for another method.
6. This will keep your box safe for a while, but you must take further steps to assure that a smart meter will never be installed on your house. See page 3 for how to do this.

How to Lock Your Gas Meter

. Your gas meter is located outside of house on a side different from where the electric meter is. It comes out of the ground. Buy a lock with a key at your local hardware store, at a home improvement store, or somewhere like K-Mart. Staples or your grocery store may also have them. Buy one lock for you electric meter and one for your gas meter.
2. Buy a lock as suggested for the electric meter, and some nuts as also suggested.
3. Buy a heavy chain. Measure your meter. You want the chain to loop around 3 times. Make sure you allow at least 2 extra links so that you can be assured you can lock it all up.
4. If you want to, put clear tape over the meter itself to protect it from being scratched. I haven’t found this to be necessary, but I have seen it recommended.
5. Wrap the change over the meter 3 times. You want to make sure it is tight. Lock the chain to itself. Make sure you lock the first wrap to the third wrap. If you aren’t able to include the second wrap, don’t worry about it. The chain will be secure.
6. Make sure that the chain is tight. To do this, see whether you can move the chain off the meter. If you can, it’s not tight.
7. Make sure that the meter is still readable. There’s no reason it shouldn’t be. The chain will move slightly, and the meter can also be read thru the holes in the chain links.
8. This will keep your gas meter safe. However, you must be sure to take additional steps to ensure that your electric meter will never be removed.

Why Locking Your Meter Is Not Enough

Locking your meter will slow the electric company down.That’s very important.
Legally, you are not prevented from locking your meter. As long as the company can read the meter, you are not considered to have tampered with it. However, take a look at picture 1. You can see that there is a loop that the lock goes through. That loop is how the door of your electric box is secured. The electric company is forbidden from tampering with your personal property, which is why they may not cut the lock. However, they can relatively easily cut through their own loop with a metal-cutting tool. They are legally within their rights to do this.
This is why you must take further steps to secure your meter. Yes, it will take some additional time, but you already know how important it is to prevent installation: for your, your family’s, and your friends’ long-term health; for the short-term health of those who are EMF sensitive; and because of privacy, hacking, and cost concerns.
Very, very importantly, it is highly unlikely that an opt-out provision will ever be provided in Michigan or most other states. There is a slight possibility that the utility company will provide you with the option of having installed a digital meter that does not have the wireless portion. HOWEVER, while you will not get the direct RF radiation, you WILL get the spiky electricity that come with smart meters because, just like smart meters, the electric current coming to your box has to be switched down from its high amperage at the source. As you know, this dirty electricity is a huge health hazard, even if you don’t feel it. Furthermore, these digital meters have an outlet that allows them to be converted to a smart meter at any time without any notice to you.
For all these reasons, you cannot allow them to install anything other than an analog meter on your house. You have an analog meter already, so they don’t need to install anything.

EMF Protection Devices Do Not Seem to Work

I am extremely sensitive to RF (wireless) radiation, and sensitive to EMF. I have been to a house that has all sorts of EMF protection devices installed from a company called, and I can attest that they decidedly do not work. Not only did I feel absolutely terrible in that house, but the woman who lives there took out her gauss meter and it showed no positive effect from any of the “protection” devices except for a covering device installed at the refrigerator.
Reports from others indicate the same. I had hoped that, if a meter were ultimately installed, I could protect myself this way. Does not seem to be so.

How to Protect Your Meter Completely

There are a number of options for complete protection of your meter, and there are undoubtedly more options to be found on the web. You want to install something that you can remove in case your meter ever does need to be serviced. That event is highly unlikely—most meters never need to be serviced and can last 80 years or more. Go to (Defend Your Analog Meters) for many pictures. Here are some suggestions.
This portion will be completed in the next couple of weeks and sent to you. You can also call me at 734-769-4241 with any questions.

Excellent Info on Health Effects

  • This is excellent.
  • Extremely comprehensive on all aspects
  • Scientific study
  • The most well regarded book on EMF is Crosscurrents by Robert Becker, MD, who studied EMF and its positive and negative effects on health for decades (he also wrote The Body Electric).
  • A book I have not read that looks useful is Electromagnetic Fields: A Consumer’s Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves by B Blake Levitt.

How Radio Frequency Works Excellent info on how RF works, easily understandable

General Information

To read and distrubute Click here  for the pdf version.

Email letter sent on 5-15-12 to Ann Arbor Mayor and City Council, also sent to the chairperson of the Energy Commission-Wayne Appleyard, and of the Environmental Commission-Matthew Naud

Dear Mayor Hieftje and City Council Members,

I’m writing you to express my concern about the installation of smart meters here in Ann Arbor. I’ve followed for several years via the internet the problematic issues and opposition to smart meters in California. The main areas of my concern are privacy, cost and health. I’ve done quite extensive research on the internet and have some resources that I’d like to share with you as you consider the advisability of allowing the continued roll out of smart meter installations in Ann Arbor. Here is some of what I’ve learned and a document that I compiled. I sincerely ask you to review this information.
The smart meters transmit data that gives the utility company and any third party they might sell this information to, (or any hacker who might intercept the RF transmissions), easy access to very detailed information about the customer – both time and what type of electrical appliance or device is being used. This makes it very easy to determine patterns of when the customer is at home or away, and when young children are at home without adult supervision. This kind of data is really surveillance and an invasion of privacy for which no consent has been asked or given. (Please see the attached document for more information about privacy issues and the software currently available that can interpret raw electrical data to give detailed information.)
The Michigan Court of Appeals has reprimanded the MPSC for granting a rate increase to DTE to cover the cost of installing the smart meter program without actually considering the cost/benefit as well as potential health and privacy effects of the program. As well, the State of Michigan District Attorney has sent a letter to the MPSC stating his serious concern about the program. This leads me to have concerns that the MPSC is not carrying out its job of protecting citizens, but is highly influenced by the company which it is supposed to oversee.
In regards to possible health effects, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, which includes Ann Arbor D.O., Amy Dean, wrote the California Public Utility Commission in January 2012, urging a moratorium on further smart meter rollouts until further studies are done on the safety of smart meters.  To not do so is to follow the pattern of tobacco and asbestos regulation: 20-30 years of harm to the public happened before they were finally officially recognized and regulated for the negative health effects which they have, but the industries tried so hard to hide. Science is always very slow and conservative when asserting any claim of causation. This is fine and as it should be, but decisions affecting public health need to be made using the precautionary principle – taking action to protect the public when there is some indications of possible harm, and not waiting the 20-30 years until that harm is known in great detail and finally affirmed by science. The rollout of smart meters is a large public health ‘experiment’ which should be well considered, not rushed into implementation.
There is also a strong pattern of the energy companies misrepresenting and minimizing the amount of exposure that customers will receive from a smart meter, comparing it to a small amount of use of a cell phone, for example. The minimizing and misrepresentations happen through averaging of high intensity, but very short bursts of RF radiation exposure. This gives a very low average, which doesn’t reflect the actual impact of frequent, high intensity bursts of RF radiation, 24 hours a day over the whole body. (See attached document for more details.)
I’m attaching a document that I compiled, much of it coming from an excellent conference call given by a professor of Management Systems, Environmental Economics and Statistics from California. This document is a summary of the main points of the call, along with the supporting documentation. I have also added links to a few websites that are particularly informative.
The three key subject areas covered in this document are:
1. Issues raised by the type of information gathered by smart meters, what information is available to customers and what information is available to the utility company, the information that can be garnered using current software from the smart meter data, and privacy issues around the collecting and selling of this information to third parties.
2. Non-industry information about the actual RF exposure for whole body contrasted to industry provided information. Industry information about the actual frequency of transmissions obtained through a court order.
3. Evidence for biological effects of low levels of non-ionizing radiation— levels much lower than smart meter levels. Responsibility of public health regulatory agencies to use the ‘precautionary principle”.

Thank you very much for reading this and the accompanying document. I realize that there is a lot of complex information. I would be happy to come to a City Council meeting to answer questions, or to meet with any of you to clarify what I’ve written. 

I urge the City Council to issue a moratorium on the installation of smart meters, at least until the MPSC issues its findings.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Helen Slomovits

PG&E Shareholders Greeted By Vocal Protest Yesterday in SF


This article is from, posted May 15, 2012

As PG&E shareholders and employees walked up to the firm’s headquarters at 77 Beale St. in San Francisco to attend the annual shareholders meeting yesterday, they were confronted by a raucous ratepayer revolt, with chants of “Our Health is NOT for Sale” and “We say NO FEE Charge the Utility.”  Many entering were visibly uncomfortable.  Voge Smith, a Novato resident whose petition demanding a halt to opt out fees has generated nearly 3000 signatures- spoke of widespread health problems from smart meters, and was allowed inside the building with ABC 7 On Your Side reporters, who aired this report.

Thank you to all who attended the protest and joined the growing call for an end to extortionate and punitive opt out fees (and an end to the smart grid!).  If you couldn’t attend the protest but still want to contribute, please consider a donation to help us keep fighting smart meters.

Some Ann Arbor residents seek moratorium as DTE Energy continues installation of ‘smart meters’

Article from, Sunday, April 29, 2012


Darren_Schmidt_041612.jpgDarren Schmidt, a holistic doctor and CEO of the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor, recommends a book called “Dirty Electricity” to Ann Arbor City Council members, warning of the dangers of electromagnetic and radio frequencies.

Ryan J. Stanton |

A group of Ann Arbor residents is lobbying city hall to stop DTE Energy’s installation of so-called “smart meters”on area homes, voicing concerns about potential health risks.


“Having these smart meters put in our neighborhoods is like living in a microwave, and you can’t turn them off,” said Darren Schmidt, a holistic doctor and CEO of the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor. “We need to put a moratorium on this.”

Schmidt shared that message before the Ann Arbor City Council at its last meeting, but city officials haven’t been quick to act on the suggestion.

Mayor John Hieftje said a resident dropped off materials at his office and he’s taking a look at it, but he thinks it’s an issue better suited for the city’s Environmental Commission.

“I’m still wading my way through the material and trying to separate what is reality and what is exaggeration,” he said.

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